How to Choose Home Bedroom Door?

The door is a barrier to protect our home. When we decorate our house, the choice of interior door is very important. Especially the choice of color, a good choice can make our home decoration icing on the cake, while a bad choice may ruin our home decoration effect. So how do we choose the bedroom and how do we choose different functional areas? Let's learn the skills quickly and let's learn how to choose our indoor doors.

First, the bedroom door style matching

1. European-style pastoral decoration. We should try our best to make this style lighter in color, smaller and fresher, which can bring comfort and freshness to our hearts.

2, American pastoral style decoration, we can choose the kind of color that looks very noble, such as brown and white, beige, etc. are more suitable.

3. Modern minimalist style decoration. This style is more casual, but the most important thing is to match the decoration style of the whole house harmoniously.

4, the color of China wooden door and furniture, wooden doors should be as close as possible to the color of furniture, the dumb mouth of the same window cover should be as consistent as possible, and there should be corresponding contrast with the color of the wall, so that the room will have a sense of hierarchy.

5. The color of wooden doors and the living environment. Generally speaking, wooden doors are related to furniture, wall paint and window covers in the home. The connection with the floor is relatively small. When the environment in hidden objects is warm, we can choose a warmer color system relative to wooden doors; On the contrary, you should choose a shallow wooden door.

Second, the bedroom door matching skills

1. doors and furniture should be similar in color.

The matching color of the bedroom should be consistent with that of the furniture, so that the floor and walls of the bedroom, including curtains, can play around the main color decided by them.

2. door panel material

If the bedroom material is painted, there is no need to paint the whole door. There will be lines and grooves on the door. At this time, you can make color matching. What is color matching? That is, the background color of the door is one color, while the lines and grooves on the door are another color.

3. choose the door to match the style.

What kind of style goes with what kind of bedroom doors wholesale? For European style, you can choose white or brown bedroom door. For rural style, you should choose light colored doors like beige and gray. Wait, the most important thing is to be close in style.

4. according to the use of space selection

Under normal circumstances, interior doors are mainly divided into bedroom doors, kitchen doors and bathroom doors. Bedroom, the first choice is to choose the door with high safety performance, overall massiness and firmness, and good thermal insulation and sound insulation effect. Most of the doors are flat-open.

5. walls

Choose the best wall color for interior doors to form a contrast, so that the room can have a layered feeling. For example, the walls are colored or wallpaper-pasted, and we can choose white interior doors.


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