Key Information of Chinese Smart Door Lock

The widespread adoption of smart home technology has made life more convenient and secure, and the Chinese smart lock, as a key device in this field, has been increasingly favored by many households. This article will provide detailed information on Chinese smart door locks, helping you in choosing and using smart locks more effectively.

What is a Chinese smart door lock?

Chinese smart door locks are innovative improvements on traditional mechanical locks, integrating modern technology to provide security, convenience, and sophistication. Smart locks use technologies such as password recognition, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, IC cards, and Bluetooth modules. They support IoT functions and can connect to local area networks and the internet. Chinese smart door locks are widely used in places that value security, such as banks and government departments, as well as in places that prioritize convenient management, such as hotels, school dormitories, residential communities, villas, and motels.

Various Unlocking Methods of Chinese Smart Door Locks

The current market offers various unlocking methods for Chinese smart door locks to meet different user needs. Here are some common unlocking methods:

Biometric unlocking

Including fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, finger vein recognition, palm vein recognition, and iris recognition. These methods utilize unique biological features of users, ensuring high security and convenience.

Bluetooth unlocking

Unlocking via phone Bluetooth or a Bluetooth button, allowing users to open the lock without a traditional key.

Traditional mechanical key unlocking

As a backup option, smart locks retain the mechanical key unlocking function to handle emergencies.

Other methods

Including password unlocking, NFC card unlocking, WeChat unlocking, remote unlocking, and temporary password unlocking, providing users with more choices.

Should the Heaven and Earth Hook Be Retained When Installing a Smart Lock?

When installing a Chinese smart door lock, it is recommended to remove the heaven and earth hook. Although the heaven and earth hook provides extra physical protection by connecting with the door frame's 'well' structure, it does not enhance the technical security of the lock. Once the main lock body is opened, the heaven and earth hook loses its effectiveness.

Moreover, maintaining a heaven and earth hook has some drawbacks:

Increased failure rate

The heaven and earth hook has many parts and a complex structure, making it prone to issues during installation and use, increasing the lock's failure rate.

Added lock burden

The additional latch increases the stress on the lock body, causing the lock's mechanism to bear more load. Long-term use may shorten the lock's lifespan and increase replacement costs.

Why Do Chinese Smart Door Locks Retain a Backup Keyhole?

Currently, Chinese smart door locks on the market generally adopt three emergency unlocking methods: mechanical key unlocking, dual-circuit drive unlocking, and password dial unlocking. The mechanical key serves as an emergency solution, designed to remain hidden and not as the primary unlocking method, mainly to handle circuit failures or unexpected situations.

How to Determine if Your Door Is Suitable for Installing a Smart Lock?

A Practical Guide to Installing a Chinese Smart Door Lock

The design of smart locks generally takes into account most door lock specifications, so usually, you do not need to replace the lock to install a smart lock. Unless it is a specialized door or a door lock of foreign specifications, re-drilling may be required. Smart locks can be installed on wooden doors, iron doors, copper doors, composite doors, and security doors, and even on office glass doors.

Best Maintenance Practices for Smart Locks

To ensure the Chinese smart door lock's longevity and security, users need to pay attention to the following points in daily use:

Do not disassemble it by non-professional personnel.

  • Avoid slamming the door to prevent damage to the lock.

  • Regularly wipe the sensor window with a dry, soft cloth to prevent scratches.

  • Keep it away from water sources and corrosive substances.

  • Do not hang heavy objects on the door handle.

  • If the backup key becomes inefficient, do not arbitrarily add lubricating oil.

  • Regularly check the lock and replace the batteries in time.

In conclusion, Chinese smart door locks offer significant advantages in security, convenience, and functionality diversity. Through proper selection and use, smart locks can greatly enhance the safety and convenience of household life.


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