Modern Solutions for Hotel Exterior Doors

In modern hotel design, the hotel exterior door is not just a simple entrance and exit, but also the first impression guests have of the hotel and the boundary line of key functional areas. This article will discuss how a meticulously designed hotel exterior door can enhance the overall guest experience while meeting the diverse needs of hotel operations.

Design of hotel exterior doors in public areas

Main entrance lobby design

As the facade of a hotel, the main entrance lobby directly affects the first impression of guests. Modern hotel main entrances usually use revolving doors or automatic doors. Both designs can enhance the hotel's high-end image and increase functionality.

Revolving doors

Two-wing safety revolving doors are widely used at main lobby entrances. Their "normally closed" feature helps maintain indoor temperature, block noise and dust, creating a quiet and comfortable environment. Additionally, revolving doors are equipped with infrared anti-collision sensors, compression sensors, emergency stop buttons, and various safety settings, greatly improving safety.

Sliding automatic doors

For supertall hotels, the lobby entrance can use double sliding automatic doors. By flexibly selecting the opening mode according to seasonal changes, "chimney effect" can be effectively reduced, maintaining a constant and comfortable temperature in the lobby. Additionally, the door panels can be designed in an arc shape to enhance visual aesthetics.

Restaurant hotel exterior doors

As an important place for guests to dine and socialize, the exterior door design of the restaurant should be able to handle high traffic during peak times. The folding automatic door is the ideal choice, with its lightweight design and nearly 100% net opening, ensuring smooth passage and possessing unique aesthetic effects.

Banquet hall hotel exterior doors

Banquet halls usually need to flexibly partition space according to usage needs. Multiple automatic partition doors are the best choice. The multiple automatic partition doors of Door Lord have fully automated operations and excellent soundproofing effects, efficiently creating multiple independent spaces and improving space utilization.

Multipurpose hall hotel exterior doors

The multipurpose hall needs to balance the transparency of vision and the solemnity of the visual. Overlapping automatic doors are a good choice. With elegant and unique design, the four active door panels operate in an overlapping manner, and the net opening is 30% larger than conventional sliding automatic doors, perfectly matching the design style of the multipurpose hall.

Entertainment space hotel exterior doors

The bar and clubhouse in high-end hotels need to reflect luxury and personalization. Custom sliding automatic doors can meet these needs. Their materials and appearance can be personalized, with a high degree of artistic aesthetic.

Design of hotel exterior doors in guest room areas

Suite living room hotel exterior doors

Suite living rooms need to be simple and elegant without taking up indoor space. Hidden sliding automatic doors are the ideal choice. The door panels are completely hidden in the wall when opened, saving space and providing a unique design sense.

VIP/hotel exterior doors

VIP and presidential suites require a high degree of privacy. Invisible automatic doors are suitable for these high-end spaces, such as storage rooms, closets, and refuge rooms. Door Lord's invisible automatic doors can be customized according to the decor style, cleverly blending with the wall to create an exclusive private space.

Design of hotel exterior doors in logistic areas

Freight passage entrance

The logistics service area of the hotel needs to have a separate freight entrance to separate it from the guest activity area. Emergency escape doors are the best choice. They combine both sliding and swing functions, with all door panels able to open independently at 90 degrees, facilitating smooth freight passage and providing convenience for personnel evacuation in emergencies.

The design of modernhotel exterior doors should not only consider aesthetics and functionality but also emphasize safety and convenience. By designing exterior doors for different areas, hotels can not only enhance their overall image but also improve operational efficiency and guest satisfaction. Whether it is the main entrance lobby, restaurant, banquet hall, guest room area, or logistic area, every detail's optimization will bring a better experience to the guests.


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