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Pivot Doors are an excellent selection for applications that require a large opening with minimal floor space interruption. Not only can some really striking results be achieved with oversized doors, but also make it possible for the big pivot door to be of much heavier construction than standard pivot hinged doors.

Types of Pivot Door

Pivot Door Installation

Pivot Door Installation is a relatively easy process that can be done with just a few basic tools. The first step is to measure the door opening and purchase a pivot door that fits the opening. The next step is to install the pivot door hinges into the door jamb, making sure the door is level and plumb. After that, the pivot door can be installed. The door should be placed into the hinges and shimmed so that it is level in the opening. Once the door is level, the screws can be tightened to secure the door in place. Finally, the door handle and latch can be installed and the door is ready to use.

Pivot Style Door Benefits

Pivot style doors offer a range of benefits for both residential and commercial applications. 

They are incredibly versatile, allowing for a variety of sizes and styles to be used, as well as the ability to be installed with either a left or right hand opening. 

They are also incredibly sturdy, with the pivot mechanism allowing for heavier, more solid doors than traditional swinging doors. This added strength also makes them more secure, as they are harder to force open. 

Additionally, produced by professional China door company, they are very easy to use, as they open and close with the simple push of a button, making them an ideal solution for those who may have difficulty operating a traditional door. 

Finally, they are very aesthetically pleasing, offering a modern look that can help to enhance the appearance of any home or office.

How Do Pivot Door Work?

Pivot doors are hinged at the top and bottom of the door, allowing them to swing in and out from the center of the frame. This allows for a wide range of motion, and depending on the type of door, can even be used to open the door in a corner. The rotation of the door is typically controlled by a concealed hinge system, which allows the door to open and close with little resistance. The door can also be balanced with a counterweight system, allowing the door to open and close with ease.

Pivot Style Door Applications

The key feature of a pivot style door is the location of the offset hinge. On a traditional exterior door, the hinge is placed on the left or right; the pivot door’s hinge is located at the top and bottom of the frame. This location allows the door to pivot left or right.

Pivot doors can be pretty much as big as you like, and certainly far bigger than a standard door. Simto, the reliable modern doors company, supplies types of pivot doors ranging from aluminium pivot doors for sale to wooden pivot doors for sale size up to 1,500mm wide and 3,000mm tall. But a pivot hinge makes the actual opening size of pivot door smaller.

Pivot Style Door Materials

China metal door and pivot style doors are a popular choice for many homes due to their ability to provide privacy while also creating a beautiful, modern look. The materials used to construct pivot style doors are typically heavy-duty, high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the wear and tear associated with everyday use. Common materials used for pivot style doors include solid wood, aluminum, steel, and glass. Solid wood is a timeless choice that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly durable. Aluminum and steel are more modern options that are known for their strength and corrosion resistance, while glass is a great choice for a contemporary look. Ultimately, the material you choose for your pivot door should depend on your style preference and budget.

Pivot Door Measurements

Pivot doors are a popular choice for modern homes due to their sleek and stylish look. When measuring for a pivot door, it's important to measure the door opening from the jamb to jamb, as well as the head and sill. The jamb should measure the same on both sides, with the head and sill being slightly smaller.

It's also important to measure the height of the door opening, in case you need to order custom interior doors. Additionally, you'll need to measure the width of the door opening, as well as the thickness of the wall. This will help you determine the size of the pivot door you need. Finally, it's important to measure the depth of the door frame, as the pivot door must fit within this frame. Once you have all the measurements, you’ll be ready to order your pivot door.

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Simto High-quality Doors Meet Your Requirements

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