Fire-proof Exterior Doors Ensure Life Safety

Fire Door, What Kind of Door Is It?

By the name alone, the term "fire door" evokes a strong sense of security. It seems that with this door, there's nothing to fear if a fire breaks out.

Generally, fire doors are installed at the entrances to evacuation staircases in high-rise buildings. When a fire occurs and this fire door is closed, smoke and flames cannot enter the staircase, ensuring our safe escape.

What is a Fire-proof Exterior Door?

Fire-proof Exterior Door refers to doors that can meet the requirements of fire stability, integrity, and insulation for a certain period of time. These doors serve as fire barriers with a certain level of fire resistance, located in fire compartments, evacuation staircases, vertical shafts, etc.

Fire-proof Exterior Door not only functions as a regular door but also has the added capacity to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. It can halt the spread of fire for a period of time, ensuring the safe evacuation of personnel.

Usage Notes for Fire-proof Exterior Doors

Fire doors can be in two states: normally closed and normally open.

Normally Open vs. Normally Closed Fire Doors

Normally open fire door

Usually kept open and only closed automatically by the control system during a fire. Commonly used in public passageways or corridors.

Normally closed fire door

Remains closed during normal use and also during a fire. It needs to be pushed open by people moving through it, serving to block smoke and fire. Special attention should be given to ensure that normally closed fire doors in stairwells remain closed.

Etiquette for Using Fire Doors

Please use your hand to push or pull the fire door when entering or exiting. Avoid using your foot or other rough methods to prevent the door from deforming and affecting its normal use.

It is strictly forbidden to leave normally closed fire doors open or lock them, as this will affect their fireproof functionality.

Do not store miscellaneous items around fire doors to avoid obstructing them from fully closing.

How to Identify Genuine Fire-proof Exterior Doors?

In addition to correctly using fire doors, it is crucial to choose and identify them properly. Here are a few common methods:

Check the label

Genuine fire doors usually have a permanent label in a conspicuous place, containing important information such as the name, specifications, and manufacturer name.

Inspect the appearance

The appearance should be intact and undamaged with tight seams, and the door closer, sequencer, and other components should be complete and in good condition.

Check the sealing

Verify whether the door leaf can reliably close and whether the fire seal strip is straight, without bulging or damage.

Listen to the knocking sound

A qualified fire door should produce a dull, solid sound when knocked. If it sounds hollow, it is likely to be an unqualified product.

These methods can help you accurately identify and select fire doors, ensuring safety in homes and public spaces. Afire-proof exterior door is not just a functional product; it is an important device for protecting lives. We should pay attention to its use and maintenance in our daily lives.


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