What Are the Components of a Smart Door Lock (China)?

To gain a comprehensive understanding of a smart door lock China, we can start with its structure and materials.

A smart door lock China mainly consists of a lock core, lock body, and two panels, one inside and one outside.

Front and Rear Panel Composition

Sliding Cover

The sliding cover can comprehensively protect the fingerprint sensor; the inner wall of the sliding cover is fixed with slide rails on both sides.

Password Keypad Area

The password input area is suitable for password unlocking. The keyboard light mainly comes in two types: blue and white.

Card Swipe Area

The card sensing area is suitable for card verification unlocking.

Three-Color Fingerprint Recognition Status

Three colors represent three states: normal, verification successful, and verification failed.

Front Handle

Generally in a free state, meaning it is not under stress. Although the handle remains horizontal to the ground, pressing down on the handle requires no effort.

Fingerprint Recognition Area

The fingerprint recognition area contains the fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor mainly comes in two types: optical and semiconductor.

Lock Core

The lock core is the main component controlling the lock, being the core part that rotates and moves the bolt when the key is paired with it.

Emergency Power Supply Port

When the battery compartment has insufficient power, users can temporarily charge it using a mobile power source.

Battery Compartment

This is the power supply area of the smart lock. Currently, the mainstream smart lock battery compartment supports4 batteries and8 batteries.

Rear Handle

For indoor use, mainly to unlock the smart lock from inside.

Anti-Peep Button

Normally, the clutch is in the released state. Pressing the handle down won't unlock the door unless the button is pressed simultaneously.

Deadlock Button

The deadlock function is configured in almost all home smart locks. Once deadlocked, the outdoor handle cannot unlock the door.

Internal Analysis


Clutch Module

After recognizing the fingerprint or password, the motor rotates to drive the clutch and complete the unlocking action.

Square Rod

Also known as a long square rod, it interacts with the lock body to unlock and lock.

Front Panel Fixing Plate

Primarily for fixing the panel.

Lock Core

Equipped with a spare mechanical key as an emergency unlocking solution.

Lock Body

The core component of a smart lock, determining the fingerprint lock's security capability.

Drive Shaft

A transmission device that makes door opening smoother with less shaking.

Deadlock Rod

Works with the deadlock button on the rear panel to achieve deadlocking.

In addition, the smart door lock  China motherboard also includes an FPC semiconductor fingerprint collector, battery, and core chips. These components combine to make a perfect smart door lock China, ensuring our home's security and convenient access.


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