Armored doors: Are they safer than anti-theft doors?

Data shows that most theft incidents are caused by the theft-proof doors being opened by technology or violence. It can be seen that the security of anti-theft doors is the first line of defense in guarding people's home safety. With social progress and continuous technological development, as well as the increasing attention paid to home security by people, an upgraded version of anti-theft doors - armored doors, has gradually become the new favorite of entry doors.

Armored doors are hot in the anti-theft door category of the home decoration industry, and many businesses have joined in to seize the high ground of the category. Although there are many types of armored doors, based on different configurations, quality, technology, etc., the product level is uneven and different brands have different standards. There are also some businesses selling steel-wood doors as armored doors. Therefore, not all armored doors are real armored doors. To choose an armored door with hardcore strength, you need to understand it from all aspects first.

Introduction of armored doors

An armored door, as its name suggests, has the characteristics of armor-like hardness and difficulty in attack and destruction. It was widely used in Europe and the United States for the first time, and its main feature is a strong steel structure in the middle of the door leaf, covered with a beautiful and easy-to-replace decorative surface material, such as aluminum, copper, glass, composite wood, solid wood, etc. It can achieve strong internal anti-theft capabilities and a variety of appearance styles that can adapt to different decoration styles, becoming the new favorite of the category with both appearance and strength.

Armored doors vs. anti-theft doors, who is better?

An armored door is not only an anti-theft door, but with the powerful function of its steel structure which is not easily deformed or destroyed, it naturally has the potential to become a high-quality anti-theft door. When equipped with professional anti-theft door locks and anti-theft systems, it has much stronger anti-theft performance than ordinary anti-theft doors.

An armored door is an upgraded product of anti-theft doors. Its main feature is that the front and back of the door leaf are covered with beautiful and stable quality plate material, and the middle of the door leaf is a strong steel structure, like a "door within a door". Not only is it stronger than traditional steel anti-theft doors against destruction, it also has many advantages that ordinary anti-theft doors cannot match:

Strong steel core

With a strong and stable steel core, it is durable and not easily deformed due to weather conditions. Its service life can reach more than 20 years.

Flexible and versatile

It has different material panel touch and combines rigidity and softness. It can adapt to various home decoration styles flexibly.

Excellent sound insulation

In addition to anti-theft performance, armored steel door should also have excellent moisture-proof and sound insulation functions. Especially the sound insulation function, with the support of double-layer materials, is more superior than traditional anti-theft doors.

Reduced installation difficulty

The steel inside and versatile outside feature makes the door frame of the armored door easier to adapt to different door types, greatly reducing the difficulty of installation, and also improving the accuracy of installation.

Each advantage emphasizes that armored doors are superior to anti-theft doors and definitely have the qualifications to become the current hot choice for entry doors. 

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