What Components Make up a Fire Door?

When it comes to fire doors, we all know that they are important safety devices used to prevent harm to life and property during a fire. But do you know why fire doors are fire-resistant? It's because of their various components. Below, we will introduce the components of fire doors and their respective functions, which will help you better understand fire doors.

Door Leaf and Door Frame

The main body of a fire door is made of materials such as steel, non-flammable wood, and fire-resistant insulation materials. It bears the important role of supporting the door and providing fire insulation. Different materials thicknesses and configurations are used based on the fire rating requirements.

Fire-resistant Glass

The glass embedded in fire doors is made of fire-resistant materials. Before leaving the factory, it undergoes fire resistance testing by authorized national testing organizations to meet specific fireproof conditions.

Door Closer

The door closer is an important device for closing fire doors. The door closers for hold-open and self-closing fire doors are different. The closer for a hold-open door is closed manually by pushing, while the closer for a self-closing door is equipped with an automatic sensing device that closes the fire door when a fire is detected.

Door Sequencer

The door sequencer is an important device for double-leaf fire doors by fireproof door factory, ensuring that the two door leaves close in the correct sequence.

Fire-resistant Lock

The lock consists of a lock cylinder and a door handle and is made of fire-resistant materials. The use of fire-resistant locks requires installation after passing tests conducted by relevant national testing organizations.

Fire-resistant Hinge and Latch Bolt

The hinges on both sides of the door leaf are used for the opening and closing of fire doors. The fire latch bolt is installed on the relatively fixed side of the fire door leaf and consists of a latch bolt rod and a latch bolt. Both materials have fire-resistant properties.

Gap Cover and Seal

The fire-resistant gap cover is used in the gap of double-leaf fire doors to maintain their sealing when closed. The gap cover should not affect the normal opening and closing of the door leaf. Seals include expanding fireproof sealing strips, which expand and fill the gaps in the fire door leaf at high temperatures, preventing fire and smoke from escaping through the gaps.

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A fire door provides all-day protection and helps ensure people can safely evacuate a building in the event of a fire. When they are not required to restrict the spread of fire and provide a safe exit, they act as regular doorways where good visibility is crucial. As a professional door company in China, we welcome online consultations!


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