Must-see Tips Before Purchasing Fire-rated Aluminum Doors

With the continuous development of manufacturing technology, various advanced processes are constantly being applied to the production of doors and windows. From iron windows and doors to aluminum alloy doors and windows, and then to various copper doors, materials are constantly being upgraded, and technology is continuously progressing. In the past two or three years, a kind of door called cast aluminum door,fire-rated aluminium door has emerged. This type of door is recognized and favored by a wide range of customers due to its advantages of being thick and atmospheric, durable, theft-proof and explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, and color-changing resistant.

What is fire-rated aluminium door?

A cast aluminum door is made using modern high-tech processing technology, solid cast aluminum, integrally cast in one molding. The finished product is novel, beautiful, elegant, unique, and luxurious. The design of the product is a crystallization of both Eastern and Western cultures, combined with motorized, intelligent, and inductive features. The use of electrostatic powder spraying fluorocarbon coatings ensures oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, maintaining color without fading in coastal areas for over 30 years without rusting.The fire-rated aluminium door's fireproof and moisture-proof effects are also very significant.

Advantages of the fire-rated aluminium door

Cast aluminum doors are high-tech, eco-friendly, high-end entrance doors.

Eco-friendly, corrosion-resistant, non-rusting, high mechanical strength, produced using 100% pure aluminum vacuum casting technology. Compared to traditional sand casting, vacuum casting has the advantages of fine surface texture, high product density, and high mechanical strength, with overall strength that can withstand strong tension and impacts. It is not easy to fade and is durable. Therefore, vacuumfire-rated aluminium doors have theft-proof and explosion-proof effects that traditional doors cannot reach.

  • Matching: The selected cast aluminum door should be coordinated with the door frame, overall interior decoration style, color, and pattern to achieve a complete and unified decorative effect.

  • Safety: Whether it is an outdoor door or an indoor door, it needs to have good sound insulation, theft-proof, and impact resistance capabilities to provide a sense of security in use. High-qualityfire-rated aluminium doors have the main features of explosion-proof, theft-proof, fireproof, and sound insulation.

  • Quality: The durability of high-end cast aluminum doors is also very critical. High-quality cast aluminum doors use international standard aluminum ingots, undergo shot blasting and oxidation treatment, and then pure polyester spraying, cured at 200 degrees high temperature, with excellent adhesion, impact resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and yellowing resistance, ensuring thirty years without deformation, oxidation, or fading.

Maintenance methods for fire-rated aluminium doors

  • Fireproof aluminum doors are large and heavy. The thermal expansion and contraction caused by weather changes and frequent closing may produce some displacement. Please regularly check and adjust (according to the hinge installation method on the previous page, the optimal fit gap between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-2.5mm).

  • When wiping the cast aluminum door, avoid using strong alkaline, strong acid, or other chemical solvents. It is recommended to clean it once every six months following these methods:

1. Use a neutral detergent mixed with water at a 5% ratio to form a wiping solution

2. Wipe the surface of the cast aluminum door and the dirt on the door frame with a soft cloth dipped in the wiping solution

3. Then wipe it clean with clear water

4. Dry the water with a soft dry cloth


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