Notes for Wooden Door Choose and Installation

The door is one of the most important parts of the house, and it bears the responsibility of protecting privacy and security. Besides, as a part of home decoration, the aesthetics of the door is a concern of many people. So how to install the wooden door is the strongest? What problems should be paid attention to when installing wooden doors?

Matters needing attention in installation of China wooden door

1. When handling solid wood door panels, try to avoid scratching or bumping the door frames and door leaves. When placing the door frames and door leaves, it should also be placed on the indoor horizontal ground which is not exposed to direct sunlight but is ventilated.

2. The wooden door installation must be completed at the entrance of the cave, and the wooden door installation steps can only be carried out after the putty on the wall is scraped and polished.

3. Solid wooden front doors installation method must use the reserved hole installation method, it is strictly prohibited to install and build by laying bricks or stones mouth.

4. When installing the wooden door, check the humidity of the hole wall. If the humidity of the hole wall is less than 25%, the installation can continue normally. If the humidity of the wall of the installation hole is > 25%, a moisture-proof isolation layer should be made on the installed wall.

5. When installing the door frame, be sure to adjust the verticality of the door frame, so as to avoid damaging the door frame due to the drying and swelling effect of the foaming agent.

Purchase method of custom wooden door

1. Color

When purchasing wooden doors from door exporter, you must first determine the color of wooden doors. The color should be consistent with the overall decoration style. Most Chinese-style decorations choose red, while most fashionable and simple-style decorations use white wooden doors. There should be a clear contrast between the color of the wooden door and the wall, which can highlight the layering of the room.

2. Use environment

If floor heating is used in the home, it is recommended to choose solid wood composite doors. The original wooden doors are easy to crack in a long-term dry environment, and even the best quality doors will crack.

3. Smell

Try to choose big brand wooden doors, and be sure to ask the wooden door factory for product quality reports. If harmful substances such as formaldehyde exceed the standard, there is definitely no quality report.

4. Solid wood composite door

Most of the so-called wooden doors in the market refer to composite solid wood door, which is also a common wooden door. Solid wood composite doors are made of wood core, MDF and solid wood veneer. It has the advantages of good stability, high hardness and deformation, which is not easily affected by humidity, and has always occupied the mainstream of wooden door market.


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