How to Install the Newly Purchased Armored Steel Door

Armored Steel DoorOnce you have selected a quality product, the installation phase begins. The quality of the product is certainly important, but proper installation also significantly impacts the convenience and lifespan of the product. Although door installation in many households is handled by professional installers, consumers should also understand how to install an Armored Steel Door to prevent careless installation. Let's take a look at the installation process and quality standards for an Armored Steel Door.

How to Install an Armored Steel Door

1. Line Positioning: According to the design drawings, mark the installation position line of the secondary frame within the opening, based on the specified dimensions, elevation, and opening direction.

2. Frame Correction: Use three pull rods to position the two side frames. After placing the secondary frame, correct its verticality (the frame should be vertically aligned with the ground ≤ 2mm), horizontal alignment, and diagonal dimensions. Adjust to ensure consistent installation height, equal distances from interior and exterior walls, and uniform top and bottom frame widths. Use wooden wedges at the four corners of the secondary frame for preliminary positioning.

3. Connection and Fixation: Use M10×10 expansion bolts or weld steel rods to fix the secondary frame. Recheck to ensure installation dimensions are accurate. The allowable error for the frame opening dimensions should be ≤ 1.5mm, and the diagonal error should be ≤ 2.0mm.

4. Secondary Frame Grouting: After grouting and hardening of the secondary frame, install the main frame and door leaf and make adjustments.

5. After the door leaf is closed, gaps should be uniform, and the surface should be flat.

6. Installing Hardware: Follow the "Instruction Manual" for installing door locks, handles, and other devices, ensuring each fulfills its functionality requirements.

7. Post-installation Cleaning: Clean the secondary frame, door leaf, and surrounding areas immediately after installation. Check for scratches and repair them if found; provide a list to the main contractor. Use protective film on repaired areas to avoid contamination of hardware.

Armored Steel Door Installation Quality Standards

  • Door Leaf Installation: The door surface should be flat and smooth, operating flexibly and stably, without rebound and warping.

  • Door Hinge and Hardware Installation: Proper positioning, consistent slot depth, neat edges, and accurate dimensions. Ensure all small hardware is installed and meets specifications, with screws tightened and flush, and latch operation flexible.

  • Trim strips, seam strips, and sealing strips should be of uniform size, smooth, and aligned with firm and tight connections to the door.

  • After door leaf installation, apply protective film to the door leaf surface and wrap with cardboard.

  • Ensure the hardware model and quantity meet design requirements, and protect finished products from damage during installation. Shield them during spraying to prevent contamination.


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