How to Choose Cast Aluminum Doors?

Cast aluminum doors are villa doors made of solid cast aluminum, using modern high-tech processing technology. They have a novel and beautiful design, elegant and unique, and are luxurious and spectacular. The product's design combines electric, intelligent, and sensor elements and uses electrostatic powder coating with fluorocarbon coating, which is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. Along the coastal areas, it can remain colorfast and rust-free for a long time.

So how should we choose and maintain cast aluminum doors? Below, we will explain the principles of choosing and maintaining cast aluminum doors.

Principles of selecting cast aluminum doors

Matching principle

When choosing cast aluminum pivot doors, the style, color, and style should be coordinated with the door frame, the overall interior decoration style, color, patterns, etc. in order to create a complete and unified decorative effect.

Safety principle

Whether it is an outdoor or indoor door, it needs to have good sound insulation, anti-theft, and impact resistance capabilities to provide a sense of safety during use.

Durability and longevity principle

The durability and longevity of a good cast aluminum door are also crucial. High-end cast aluminum door panels use nationally standardized aluminum ingots for shot blasting oxidation resistance treatment, then pure polyester spray, and are cured at a high temperature of 200 degrees, possessing super strong adhesion, impact resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, and resistance to yellowing.

Quality differentiation of cast aluminum doors

Cast fireproof aluminum doors can be divided into three types based on material structure:

Die-cast aluminum plate armored doors

These are low-quality and unattractive armored doors. 0.6-2mm aluminum plates are pressed with molds to create patterns. Except for the blurry patterns and texture, the texture of these doors is also relatively poor, and they lack a sense of weight.

Cast aluminum armored doors

Cast aluminum armored doors are manufactured by sand casting, using aluminum water poured into the mold, cooled, and then used as the door facing. This cast aluminum armored door is much higher-end than the pressed armored door. Its texture and weight are much better. If national standard aluminum ingots are used, the sand eyes will be smaller, and the density and strength will be better. However, if recycled aluminum ingots are used, the quality will be poorer, with larger sand eyes, lower density, and insufficient strength, and it is easy to break under violence. Pure aluminum should be used to make cast aluminum armored doors.

Carved aluminum armored doors

Carved aluminum armored doors are made by flattening 12-20mm pure aluminum plates and carving the designer's patterns using a laser machine. In addition to the design value of original design, the texture, weight, hardness, density, and quality are the best compared to cast aluminum armored doors. Because of the high-end quality and certain artistic value, the price of carved aluminum armored doors is higher.

Maintenance notes for cast aluminum doors

  • When using cast aluminum doors, do not hang heavy objects on the door leaf or avoid sharp objects colliding with or scratching it. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not apply too much force or open at too large an angle to avoid damaging the cast aluminum door.

  • When painting the walls, cover the cast aluminum door with something to avoid paint falling on the surface of the product, which will cause the decorative material to peel off and fade, affecting the overall aesthetics.

  • In spring and winter, pay attention to good indoor ventilation and keep the indoor humidity normal. Under normal room temperature and humidity, the metal fittings may rust, edge sealing may fall off, and decorative materials may fall off.

  • Do not touch or open the door lock frequently with water-stained hands to avoid discoloration of the door lock. When opening or turning the door lock handle, do not use too much force, as this will only shorten the service life of the lock. If hardware fittings such as hinges and anti-theft door locks become loose, tighten them immediately. If the door lock is not working properly, you can add a suitable amount of pencil lead to the keyhole.

  • When cleaning the surface stains on the cast aluminum door, use a soft cloth dampened with a little water to wipe the surface after blowing on it. If a hard cloth is used, the surface may be easily scratched. If the stains are too heavy, neutral cleaning agents, toothpaste, or furniture special cleaning agents can be used. After removing the stains, wipe them clean immediately. Do not rub the corners of the villa door frequently, as this may cause the decorative material at the corners to fade and break.

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