How Should Elderly People Choose Smart Door Locks China?

With the advancement of technology,smart door locks China are becoming increasingly common in modern households. However, due to wear and aging, the fingerprints of elderly people may not be clear or may have partially disappeared, resulting in a lower success rate of fingerprint recognition. So, how should the elderly choose a suitable smart door lock China? This article will provide some practical suggestions.

Choose a high-recognition smart door lock China

The fingerprint recognition issues of elderly people need special attention when selecting smart door locks China. Ordinary fingerprint locks with poor optical imaging can result in fuzzy imaging and lower recognition rates for unclear fingerprints. Here are some specific suggestions:

Choose a smart lock with strong fingerprint recognition

For elderly people with weaker fingerprint recognition, it is advisable to choose a fingerprint lock with stronger recognition capabilities. Semiconductor fingerprint recognition technology, compared to traditional optical fingerprint recognition, has higher precision and success rates. Semiconductor fingerprint recognition can detect slight changes on the fingerprint surface, allowing for more accurate reading of the fingerprint information of elderly people, even with unclear fingerprints.

Purchase a smart lock with facial recognition

Smart locks with facial recognition have greatly improved in recognition speed and accuracy. For elderly people who forget to bring their keys or have trouble unlocking with their fingerprints, facial recognition smart locks provide a convenient and quick unlocking method. Just by standing in front of the door, the smart lock can recognize facial features and unlock the door smoothly. This not only enhances convenience but also reduces the hassle due to fingerprint recognition issues.

Practical suggestions for elderly people using smart door lock China

In addition to choosing the right type of  smart door lock China, the following methods can make it easier for elderly people to use smart locks:

Carry a door card or smart identification wristband

As a backup unlocking tool in case of fingerprint recognition failure, elderly people can carry a door card or smart identification wristband. These tools are easy to carry and operate simply, effectively solving the problem of unsuccessful fingerprint recognition and ensuring that the elderly can enter and exit their homes smoothly.

Record passwords and store them in the phone contact list

If the elderly have good memory, they can choose password unlocking. Record the unlocking password in the format of a phone number and store it in the phone contact list. This way it is easy to remember and can be quickly found when needed to unlock the door. For elderly people who can use smartphones, they may also consider using the phone unlocking feature, through the mobile APP for remote control and unlocking.

Multiple unlocking methods

To ensure that the elderly can use smart locks smoothly, it is recommended to choose smart locks with multiple unlocking methods. For example, in addition to fingerprint and facial recognition, support for passwords, IC cards, mobile APP, and other multiple unlocking methods may be provided. This not only offers multiple guarantees but also allows flexible choices based on the habits and needs of the elderly.

On-site testing and purchase

When purchasing smart door locks China for elderly family members, it is recommended to observe the elderly's fingerprint condition and test if the recognition is frequent through mobile fingerprint recognition or other fingerprint recognition devices. It is best to take the elderly to the market to purchase locks, allowing them to personally experience the recognition rate and operational convenience of various smart locks. If fingerprint recognition is difficult, it is advisable to choose a smart lock with multiple unlocking methods to ensure that the elderly won't encounter difficulties during use.

In summary, when choosing smart door locks China for the elderly, safety and convenience are the most important considerations. By choosing high-recognition smart locks, carrying backup unlocking tools, recording passwords, and other methods, we can make it easier for the elderly to use smart locks and improve their quality of life.


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