Fully Automatic Fingerprint Door Locks: An Intelligent New Experience of Remote Monitoring and Management

In the rapid development of technology today, automatic fingerprint door locks have gradually become the first choice for modern families due to their excellent convenience and security. The remote monitoring and management function brings unprecedented convenience to our lives. Next, we will discuss how to achieve remote monitoring and management of automatic fingerprint door locks through mobile phone applications and other smart devices, and experience the security and convenience of one-key control.

Smartphone apps: the right assistant for remote monitoring

Smartphone application as a fully automatic fingerprint door lock remote monitoring 'brain', through the wireless network and door locks are closely linked. Users can install and start the corresponding application with just one click on their mobile phones to grasp the real-time status of the door lock anytime, anywhere. Whether it is to check whether the automatic fingerprint door lock is locked or to monitor whether the battery is sufficiently charged, all can be easily achieved through the application. What's more, when the automatic fingerprint door lock is abnormal, such as continuously entering the wrong password, the application will immediately send a push notification to remind the user to pay attention to safety, to ensure the safety of the family.

Remote unlocking: one-key unlocking, easy and convenient

With the help of the mobile phone application, users can easily achieve the remote unlocking function. No matter where you are, just enter the correct password or fingerprint information in the mobile phone application, you can open the automatic fingerprint door lock remotely. This function is especially practical in the case of forgetting the key or temporary guest visits, eliminating the need to go home to get the key trouble, but also to avoid the inconvenience caused by guests waiting.

Password management: safe and convenient, double protection

In addition to remote unlocking, the mobile phone application also provides users with a convenient password management function. Users can change the password of the automatic fingerprint door lock at any time to ensure home security. In addition, the application also supports the temporary authorisation function of the password, when the user needs to temporarily authorise the password of the automatic fingerprint door lock to friends, relatives or service personnel to use, just set the appropriate permissions and validity period in the application, you can easily achieve the sharing and management of the password, without having to worry about the leakage of the password.

As a professional and reputable door furniture manufacturer in China, SIMTO has been focusing on the product development of fully automatic fingerprint door locks, which are equipped with facial recognition, voice recognition and other biometric technologies along with fingerprint unlocking to enhance the safety and intelligence of fully automatic fingerprint door locks to a greater extent. At the same time, with the continuous development of the Internet of Things technology, smart automatic fingerprint door locks can also be interconnected with other smart home devices to jointly build a smart, safe and convenient living environment.


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