Working Principle and Function Introduction of Bluetooth Smart Locks

Bluetooth technology is a short-distance, low-cost wireless connection technology, and an open interface system that can realize voice and data wireless transmission. Bluetooth door locks are mainly used for real-time monitoring of whether electronic equipment with critical data (such as database devices) and various information security control equipment are working normally, whether they are being moved, attacked, etc. The Bluetooth smart lock uses Bluetooth technology to open the door directly through the mobile phone with the help of smart phones and supporting applications. The main advantage of the smart door lock is that it can realize door lock management and remote authorization to open the door.

One-key mobile phone binding, whole-process mobile phone management, convenient, efficient and humanized; expired permissions are automatically invalidated, and new permissions are automatically generated when the lease is renewed; permissions are manually withdrawn at any time, and permissions are re-issued for renewal or new lease; assign real-time permissions or apply for temporary passwords increase work efficiency by 200%; permissions are assigned through mobile phones, and keys are replaced by passwords throughout the process; in the background of affiliated companies, users automatically place orders online to obtain time-sensitive passwords; unlock with one key or password on mobile phones, no need to bring keys when going out.

Ⅰ. Working principle of Bluetooth China smart door lock

China smart door lock has a built-in BLE Bluetooth module. The mobile phone reads the smart lock Bluetooth information through the APP, tries to pair, and sends an unlock request to the server. The server sends an unlock command to the mobile phone, the mobile phone receives the command, and then sends the command to the smart door lock through Bluetooth to unlock.

Adding low-power bluetooth to the existing traditional door lock, the door lock can be unlocked and controlled through a smart phone, without the need for cumbersome door cards and keys, making it more intelligent and convenient.


Ⅱ. Advantages of Bluetooth smart door lock china

1. Long standby time

At present, the mature smart lock solutions in the market all rely on battery power supply. Of course, some smart locks can also be charged by an external power supply, such as a USB connection power bank. The Bluetooth module has very low power consumption in all modes, of course, this is also one of the advantages of using Bluetooth control.

2. Mobile phone unlocking, convenient and quick

In the era of mobile Internet, APP mobile phone unlocking means that the intelligence of smart locks has reached a very high level. It is an exaggeration to say that a lock without APP unlocking is by no means a smart lock. The bluetooth smart door lock solution is also easy to operate as long as you open the mobile app. The emergence of the bluetooth unlocking method can easily solve all the distance problems and the problems that cannot be solved by traditional locks.

3. Strong adaptability, the signal is not disturbed

Smart products are more easily affected by the environment, especially signal interference and shielding, which will directly affect the user experience. Although WiFi and Bluetooth are in the same frequency band, there will be signal interference with each other, but the transmission speed of Bluetooth is higher, the unlocking experience will be better, and the size is smaller, which has very obvious advantages in Bluetooth smart locks.


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