Why Are More and More People Choosing Steel Fire Doors?

Fire retardant doors play a huge role in our daily lives. Modern people have a high awareness of fire prevention, so they pay great attention to the preparation and use of fire equipment in daily decoration and life. Only by doing a good job of prevention and preparation can we be well-protected in the event of a disaster. In addition to extinguishers and fire hydrants, steel fire doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice among users because they have a better direct fire prevention effect.

Fire retardant doors are one of the measures for building fire separation, usually used for the entrances and exits of stairwells or the openings of pipe shafts to prevent the spread of smoke. At present, fire retardant door is classified into three types according to materials: steel fire doors, wooden fire doors, and steel-wood fire doors. Today, we will introduce what a steel fire door is to you. Steel fire doors have a steel door frame, door leaf frame, and door leaf panel, and if the door leaf is filled with non-toxic and harmless fireproof insulation material, and equipped with fireproof hardware accessories, it has a certain fire resistance.

Characteristics of steel fire doors

Steel fire rated entry doors are doors made of fireproof and flame-retardant materials with fire resistance, integrity, and thermal insulation. They are mainly used in building fire partition walls. Stairwell entrances and exits, evacuation corridors, pipe shaft openings, etc. are usually passed through by dry people. In case of fire, it can prevent the spread of flames, prevent the flow of burning smoke, and also have a sealing effect.

Although fire extinguishers have a good fire extinguishing effect, they have fixed positions and can only extinguish relatively small flames, so they cannot play a role when the fire is larger. Fire hydrants are also the same. Many people do not even know what fire hydrants are for, let alone find their location correctly and play a role when a fire occurs. Therefore, compared with them, the actual fire prevention significance of fire retardant doors is greater.

Steel fire doors not only have good fire prevention effect but also can play some roles of traditional doors

Steel fire doors satisfy users' aesthetic requirements, so they have become the choice of many private users. In fact, fire retardant doors were not so popular a few years ago, but after the development of the internet, we can always see some tragic events caused by fires around us, so we have learned to take it as a warning. Since fires cannot be predicted, it is necessary to prevent and prepare in advance, so that when a fire comes, we can still have more time for rescue under the protection of steel fire doors. This was a device that was very lacking in the past but is becoming more and more popular in today's society.


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