What Materials Are Used to Make Fire Doors?

Fire doors are a common type of door in daily life. They can effectively prevent the spread of fire and prolong the time for escape. So, what are fire rated doors made of?

The wood material uses softwood species, and the plywood can use urea formaldehyde resin five-layer plywood. Controlling the moisture content of wood (including plywood) is crucial. It can maintain the proper gap of the door, normal operation, prevent cracking, and the wood needs to be flame retardant treated before use. Filling material plays a decisive role in the fire resistance performance of wooden fire doors. It should have characteristics such as low thermal conductivity, small volume density, and good processing performance. It is conducive to improving the fire resistance level of the door. What are fire rated doors made of? Do you know?

Fire rated doors made of rock wool

Rock wool originated in Hawaii. When the volcano on the island erupted, the residents found strands of melted and soft rock on the ground, which was the initial human-cognized rock wool fiber. The production process of rock wool simulates this natural process of volcanic eruption in Hawaii. Rock wool products use high-quality basalt and dolomite as the main raw materials. After being melted at a temperature above 1450℃, they are rapidly centrifuged into fibers by an international advanced four-axis centrifuge machine. At the same time, a certain amount of binder, anti-dust oil, and water repellent are sprayed into the fibers. After being collected by a cotton collecting machine, they are solidified and cut after being laid by a three-dimensional method. This forms rock wool products of different specifications and uses.

Perlite fire door core board

Perlite fire door core board is non-toxic, tasteless, non-combustible, and non-corrosive to steel plates. It does not melt or deform at 1100℃ high temperature, and its combustion performance reaches A level. Perlite fire board meets the requirements of the national new standard for fire rated door material.


Fireproof doors form a fire-resistant carbon layer when exposed to fire

At a certain temperature, adding initiators and polymerizing acrylamide viscous liquid into a certain molecular weight, adding other inorganic fire-resistant materials to the solution. Injecting this transparent solution into the glass interlayer, acrylamide crosslinks after a certain time, forming a mesh structure to become a transparent, thermosetting, and gelling material. The fire door forms a dense fire-resistant carbon layer after being exposed to fire, which plays a role in fire insulation.

Fire protection door filling material is the standard for acceptance

The filling material of the fire door plays a primary role in the fire insulation performance of the fire door. Therefore, fire door filling materials are the key items for fire door project inspection and acceptance. When choosing fire doors, choose China door company that can produce inorganic non-combustible door core materials themselves for quality assurance because the quality of the main performance is effectively guaranteed.


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