What Are the Production Requirements for Wooden Fireproof Doors? Do You Know?

Wooden fire doors are a common type of fire door in our lives, and they are often used in many places. Wooden fire doors are made of flame-retardant wood or flame-retardant wood products as door frames, door leaf frames, door leaf panels, and flame-retardant wood as the filling insulation material for the frame and panel. Fire-resistant coatings or fire-resistant panels are brushed or applied to the door panel surface, which have flame-retardant properties and are equipped with fire-resistant hardware accessories. Let's take a look at the requirements for the production of wooden fire doors!

Double mortise joints should be used for door frames and doors with a thickness greater than 50 millimeters

During the assembly of the frame and the fan, the mortise and tenon slots should be closely trimmed, glued with adhesive, and tightened with wedges. In moist areas, grade I products need to use water-resistant phenolic resin adhesive, and grade 2 products can use semi-water-resistant urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive.

When making laminated steel wooden door, the frame and horizontal bars must be on the same plane, and the surface layer and the frame and horizontal bars should be pressure-bonded. There should be at least two vents drilled on each of the horizontal bars and the upper and lower protrusions to prevent moisture from causing degumming or swelling.


The quality of China door production must comply with the following regulations:

  • The surface should be glossy or wiped clean, without planing chips, burrs, and hammer marks.

  • The line of the box and fan should meet the design requirements, with smooth cuts and tight seams.

  • It is not allowed for materials and single material-bonded doors, laminated doors, or fiberboard door leaves to come off or reverse. It is not allowed to penetrate the surface veneer of laminated boards or go against the grain.

  • The allowable deviation for wooden doors should comply with the regulations.

After the conditions are met, assemble the door leaf and box, install all the hardware, and then install them as a set. Usually, install the door frame first, then install the door leaf. After the wooden fire door is made, it needs to be wiped with dry oil immediately to prevent moisture deformation.

The installation of door wholesale hardware should meet the following requirements:

  • All hardware should be installed in a suitable position and fixed securely.

  • The distance between the hinge and the upper and lower ends of the door should be 1/10 of the height of the upright edge and avoid the protrusions at the top and bottom. The switch should be flexible after installation.

  • All hardware is fixed with wooden screws and cannot be replaced with nails. First, drill one-third of the depth with a hammer, then screw it tight, and strictly prohibit the entire depth. When using hardwood, first drill a hole two-thirds deep, and the hole diameter is 0.9 times the diameter of the wooden screw.

  • Door locks such as automatic fingerprint door lock should not be installed where the middle chin is combined with the lips.

  • The door handle should be located below the center of the door and should be 0.9 to 1.05 meters above the ground.

That's all about the requirements for the production of wooden fire doors. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult us at New Duo Group! We are a manufacturer of fire doors and specialize in producing various door products. If you need them, please contact us at any time!


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