What Are the Factors Influencing the Purchase of Wooden Doors?

Functional Factors of Wooden Doors

In addition to considering the security factors of anti-theft, entrance doors can choose beautiful, sturdy, and heavy wooden doors; bedroom doors mainly consider privacy and create a warm atmosphere, so they mostly use doors with weak light transmittance and solid structure; study doors should choose doors with good sound insulation, good light transmittance, and strong design sense, such as wooden doors with ancient window grille patterns, which can create a rustic and elegant scholarly atmosphere; kitchen doors should choose doors with good waterproof and sealing properties to effectively block the fumes generated during cooking; the main focus of bathroom doors is on privacy and waterproofing factors.

Quality Factors of Wooden Doors

Consumers cannot monitor the production process of wooden doors at factories, but they can assess the quality of products through simple external inspection methods. They can run their hands over the edges, panels, and corners of the doors to ensure there is no scratching feeling and to feel smooth and delicate. Then, they can stand on the side of the door and look at the paint surface of the door panel against the light to see if there are any concave or wavy areas. By using these two methods, consumers can basically purchase wooden doors with a good appearance. When choosing solid wood doors, they can observe the thickness of the door and lightly tap the surface with their hands. If the sound is even and muffled, it indicates that the door has good quality. Weight: Generally, the higher the proportion of solid wood in a wooden door, the heavier the door. If it is a pure solid wood door, the surface patterns will be very irregular. Due to cost and processing methods and equipment, 90% of the wooden doors on the market use polyester paint, and a few manufacturers use PU paint. Generally speaking, polyester paint and PU paint both undergo color matching, three coats and two sides, and some brands add curing and waxing processes. Therefore, when choosing wooden doors, paint is one of the factors that must be considered as it directly affects the texture, feel, moisture resistance, environmental protection, durability, and resistance to yellowing.

Price Factors of Wooden Doors

The price of solid wood doors varies depending on the materials and texture used. In the market, low-end options include pine and fir (generally used as internal filler materials for solid wood composite doors), mid-range options include peach core, teak, marl, and rubber wood, and high-end options include walnut, cherry, sapele, red pear, and rosewood. Generally, high-end solid wood doors have good dehydration treatment, with a moisture content of around 8%. These shaped doors are not easy to deform or crack, and they have a longer service life.

High-end solid wood composite doors are not only smooth to the touch and have a soft color, they are also very environmentally friendly, strong and durable. Solid wood composite doors have the characteristics of being smooth to the touch, having a soft color, and being strong and durable. They are not easily cracked and belong to medium-high-end products.

Environmental Factors of Wooden Doors

While appearance is important, it is also crucial to consider whether a product is environmentally friendly. When making a purchase, consumers can open the sealed packaging and sniff inside to check for any irritating odor. If it causes tears or sneezing, it indicates a high release of formaldehyde. Wooden pivot doors that exceed the standard for harmful substance release mostly use cheap engineered wood panels, so the overall price of the wooden doors is often extremely low. Due to the excessive use of inferior adhesives in cheap engineered wood panels, various harmful substances are released and accumulated at levels that greatly exceed the standards. Therefore, consumers should be cautious of low-priced traps.

Brand Factors of Wooden Doors

Consumers should try to choose manufacturers with good reputations and check if the manufacturer has relevant qualifications and certifications, whether they meet various industry standards, and whether the release of various harmful substances is within the allowable range. It is also important to inspect the internal materials of the door lock hole before the wooden door is installed at home for the final check.

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