What Are the Differences Between Fire Doors and Normal Doors?

We all know that fires are frequent nowadays, and each fire poses a major threat to people's properties and life safety. To avoid such accidents and reduce fire hazards, it is necessary to establish good fire protection measures in buildings and public places, and fire doors are one of the commonly used measures.

In some shopping malls, electrical rooms, theaters, warehouses, etc., you can often see thick China security steel door or wooden door. Many people think that these doors are just normal doors with some anti-theft properties at most. In fact, if you observe carefully, you will find that these doors are different from normal doors, with sealing strips and door closers, and they are fire doors.

A fire door is a door that has fire protection properties within a certain time range, can shield heat and smoke, and maintain integrity. There are significant differences between fire doors and normal doors in terms of structure and materials, functions, and use areas, and the two cannot be confused. Fire doors VS normal doors, what are the differences?

The materials of fire doors and normal doors are different

The common fire rated door material is steel, wood, and steel-wood, all of which have fire protection properties. This fire protection property is divided into three levels: Class A, Class B, and Class C, each with different fire protection times. normal doors do not have fire protection properties. Taking fireproof wooden doors and normal wooden doors as an example, under the burning conditions, the surface of an normal wooden door emits dense smoke and bulges in 2 minutes, the paint on the surface of an normal wooden door falls off and the door is burned through by flames in 10 minutes, and an normal wooden door is completely burned in 20 minutes. However, fireproof treated fireproof wooden doors have no occurrence of any flames or smoke.

The structure of fire doors and normal doors is different

Still using fireproof entrance wooden door and normal wooden doors as an example, if you cut them open, you will find that there are significant differences in their cross-sections. normal wooden doors only have two layers of wooden boards and wooden partitions to support the door panel, and their interior is a hollow structure. Fireproof wooden doors have a solid structure and are filled with fire-resistant and harmless fireproof partitions.


There are functional differences between fire doors and normal doors

Fire doors are equipped with a series of fire protection equipment, such as door closers, and fire alarm systems. Taking normally open fire doors as an example, they are normally in the open state. When a fire occurs, smoke detectors send out instructions, and fire doors automatically close and send signals to the fire department for rescue, while normal doors do not have the above functions.

There are different use areas for fire doors and normal doors

normal doors have no usage area requirements, while fire doors are mainly used in electrical occasions, areas of high human flow, high-rise buildings, and other areas with fire hazards, and the two are different in use areas.

A fire door refers to a door that can meet the requirements of fire resistance stability, integrity, and heat insulation within a certain time. It is a fireproof partition installed in fire compartment, evacuation stairwell, vertical shaft, and other areas with certain fire resistance. In addition to the function of an normal door, a fire door can also slow down the spread of fire and smoke, and can prevent the spread of fire for a certain period of time, ensuring the evacuation of personnel.


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