What Are the Advantages of Bluetooth Smart Locks?

The rapid development of intelligent technology is something that we could hardly imagine before. In our daily lives, intelligent products are everywhere. Smart locks, as a security item, have become indispensable. What kind of lock are you using now? Most households have already switched to smart locks. Let us introduce to you the advantages of Bluetooth China smart door lock.

Dual security of smart locks

As a theft-proof door lock, safety should be the first criterion. The common electronic locks on the market, whether fingerprint unlocking or password unlocking, have two characteristics: the panel can be opened with a single stroke and the lock cylinder can be unlocked with just a pick. Due to the national standard for electronic locks, many manufacturers install the emergency mechanical lock cylinder in relatively hidden places, and some do not install it at all for fear of security problems. This irresponsible behavior not only leaves serious security risks, but also makes the entire lock useless if the electronic parts fail.

Smart locks completely solve this problem, as both the mechanical and electronic parts have the highest level of anti-theft standard on the market. Even if the electronic part cannot be used, the mechanical part can still function normally. It is worth noting that smart locks also have bank-level encryption technology.

Various intelligent unlocking methods of smart locks

One is manual remote control door opening. After the mobile phone becomes the key, simply click the door opening button on the application to open the door remotely. Imagine someone ringing the doorbell while you are lying in bed feeling too cold, or deeply sunk in the comfortable living room sofa and do not want to get up—this can be achieved with remote control door opening, which cannot be done with fingerprint locks, password locks, or mechanical locks.

Longer standby time of smart locks

Most Bluetooth smart locks on the market use dry batteries for power. Low-power Bluetooth modules have ultra-low power consumption during broadcasting, transmission, standby, and sleep modes.

Convenient and fast unlocking with the mobile app of smart locks

In the era of mobile internet, using a mobile app to unlock is an important manifestation of smart locks’ intelligence. You can easily operate it by opening the mobile app, solving problems that traditional locks cannot solve (such as distance).

Check the status of bluetooth smart locks anytime

For those who are always worried about whether the door is locked properly, whether on the road or at work, you can check whether your home’s door is locked or not anytime and anywhere through the mobile app.

After reading the above article, have you thought about switching to a bluetooth smart digital door lock for your home? We suggest that you do not wait any longer and get one now. The functions of smart locks are not limited to those mentioned above, there are still many functions waiting for you to discover. This is all we have for today's introduction, we hope you will like it and find it helpful.


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