Types and Materials Differentiation of Wooden Doors

There are many brands, materials, and types of home decoration materials on the market today, and wooden doors are one of them. Do you know the differences in types and materials of wooden doors?

Wooden doors are mainly made of traditional pure wood materials and handcrafted

With the advancement of technology, they have now developed into doors made of sawn timber, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, integrated materials, thin wood panels, decorative panels, and other engineered boards. They are all called wooden doors, or simply wooden doors. Wooden doors have now become a modern emerging industry in the home furnishing industry. Wooden doors have also evolved from the past traditional and single practical image to decorative and environmentally friendly types, inheriting both Chinese traditional styles and Western culture, creating wooden door products with Chinese and Western characteristics. At present, China has become the world's largest wooden door production center and also the largest consumer market for wooden doors. This is thanks to the rapid development of the real estate industry, which has brought huge development space for the wooden door industry.

The specific distinctions of types and materials of wooden doors

Solid wood doors

Solid wood doors are a popular material for wooden doors. They are made from a whole piece of wood through special processes, so they have higher environmental protection and corrosion resistance. In addition, the texture of solid wood doors looks very good. However, due to their various advantages, solid wood pivot doors are relatively more expensive than other types of wooden doors.

Solid wood composite doors

In terms of materials, solid wood composite doors are the most common wooden doors. They are generally made by bonding fir wood, pine wood, and imported fillers. They not only have a natural texture but also have strong impact resistance.

Painted doors

Painted doors are doors made by heated drying processing. They have the advantages of bright colors, good surface gloss, easy cleaning, and also features such as fire resistance and moisture resistance.

Unpainted doors

Unpainted doors are wooden doors without painted surfaces. However, to ensure aesthetics, a layer of PVC veneer is added to the surface, which reduces the texture of unpainted doors.

Steel-wood doors

Steel-wood doors are made of two materials: steel and wood. The internal material is wood, and the surface is attached with steel. Steel-wood doors are highly durable, resistant to deformation, waterproof, and suitable for use in kitchen and bathroom areas. In addition, steel-wood doors are also relatively affordable in price.

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