Discussions on the Materials Used to Manufacture White Fireproof Doors

As an important part of modern buildings, the choice of manufacturing materials for white fireproof doors is not only related to the aesthetics and practicality of the door, but also closely related to the fire performance. In this paper, we will discuss the manufacturing materials of white fireproof doors in depth, in order to provide readers with a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding.

Selection of Fire Door Core Plate Material

Fireproof door core plate is the core component of the fireproof door, and its material selection directly affects the fire resistance time of the white fireproof doors. At present, the common fireproof door core plate materials on the market are mainly perlite board, vermiculite board and calcium silicate board. These materials have high fire resistance and stability, can effectively isolate the fire source, for personnel evacuation and fire rescue to provide valuable time.

The Analysis of Door Panel Materials

Door panel is the appearance of the fireproof door performance, the choice of materials to consider both aesthetic, but also to take into account the fire performance. Common door panel materials are steel, wood and glass. Steel panels have high strength and fire performance, but relatively poor aesthetics; wood panels have better aesthetics and feel, but relatively weak fire performance; glass panels are transparent, beautiful features, but in the fire need special treatment.

The Application of Fireproof Glass

With the progress of science and technology, fire-resistant glass is more and more widely used in white fireproof doors by fireproof door manufacturer. Fireproof glass can maintain integrity for a certain period of time, preventing the penetration of flame and smoke, and providing a clear line of sight for personnel evacuation. At the same time, fire-resistant glass also has the characteristics of beautiful and transparent, which can enhance the overall visual effect of the fireproof door.

The Role of Other Auxiliary Materials

In addition to the above core materials, the manufacture of white fireproof doors also involves some auxiliary materials, such as fire sealing strips, fire intumescent agents, etc.. Although these materials are not in large quantities, they play a vital role in the fireproof performance of fireproof doors. Fireproof sealing strip can effectively prevent the fire from spreading through the door cracks, while fireproof intumescent agent can rapidly expand in case of fire, forming a heat insulation layer and enhancing the fireproof effect.

In summary, the manufacturing materials of white fireproof doors involve many aspects, and each material has its unique characteristics and role. In the manufacturing process, it is necessary to reasonably select the materials according to the actual needs and the use of the environment, in order to ensure that the performance of the fireproof door reaches the best state. Meanwhile, with the continuous development of science and technology, it is believed that in the future there will be more new and efficient materials used in the manufacture of white fireproof doors to provide a safer and more reliable protection for our lives.


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