The Features of Smart Locks

Smart locks are locks that are more intelligent in user recognition, security, and management than traditional mechanical locks. They are the execution components that lock doors in access control systems.

Convenience of smart locks

Smart door locks differ from ordinary mechanical locks in that they have an automatic electronic induction locking system that automatically locks when the door is closed. Smart locks can open the door lock through fingerprints, touchscreens, or cards. In general, fingerprint locks are inconvenient to use when registering passwords/fingerprints, especially for the elderly and children. Some smart locks have unique voice prompts to make operation more convenient and easy to understand.

Security of smart locks

Ordinary fingerprint password locks have the risk of password leakage. Smart locks also have a virtual password function technology, which can be used to input any number as a virtual password before or after the registered password. This effectively prevents the registered password from leaking and can also open the door lock.

In ordinary community security environments, the opening method of the door lock handle cannot ensure sufficient security performance, and it is easy to drill a small hole from the outside of the door and turn the handle with a steel wire to open the door. Many smart locks have patented technology protection, and the indoor handle setting has added a safety handle button. The door handle can only be opened by holding down the safety handle button and turning it, bringing a more secure usage environment.

Smart door locks will automatically display when the palm touches the screen, and will automatically lock after 3 minutes. Whether the password has been set, the door lock has been opened or closed, the number of registered passwords or door cards, battery replacement prompts, lock tongue blockage warnings, and low voltage situations are all displayed on the screen, which is intelligent and controllable.

Security of smart locks

Smart locks are different from the "scan after unlocking" method in the past. The scanning method is very simple. Just place your finger above the scanning area and scan it from top to bottom. You don't need to press your finger on the scanning area. The scanning method greatly reduces the possibility of fingerprint residue and the risk of fingerprint copying, achieving secure use.

Creativity of smart locks

People don't have a special interest in the appearance of traditional mechanical locks. Smart door locks are not only designed to fit people's tastes in appearance, but have even created locks with a smarter feeling. Smart locks have quietly entered the market.

Interactivity of smart locks

Smart door locks have embedded processors and intelligent monitoring systems, with the ability to interact with tenants at any time, and can proactively report on the visitation status of the day's visitors. On the other hand, visitors can remotely control smart locks to open the door for the guest.


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