The Development Trend of the Wooden Door Industry

Main Types of Wooden Doors

According to the material composition, wooden doors can be divided into solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, and wood composite doors. Solid wood doors are made entirely of the same type of wood or similar materials for the door leaf and frame. Solid wood composite doors use decorative veneer as the surface material, solid wood splicing board as the door leaf framework, and other artificial board as the core material. Besides solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors, wooden doors made mainly of wood-based artificial boards are collectively referred to as wood composite doors.

According to the manufacturing process, wooden doors, including those produced by digital lock factories, can be divided into panel doors and veneer doors. Panel doors, also known as assembled doors, include solid wood panel doors (solid wood doors), solid wood composite panel doors, and wood composite panel doors. Veneer doors, also known as laminated doors, include flat laminated doors and molded laminated doors, and they can also be divided into solid wood composite laminated doors and wood composite laminated doors.

Creating High-Quality Wooden Door Products

Enhancing independent innovation capabilities to build brand advantages

Innovation is the way to development in today's society, and the wooden door industry is no exception. In the increasingly competitive environment, in order to maintain a leading position and achieve development in the industry, it is necessary to take the path of independent innovation, carry out product innovation, technology innovation, resource innovation, market innovation, and mechanism innovation, increase investment in technological transformation, and accelerate the development and launch of new products. In addition, wooden doors are durable consumer goods, and consumers pay more attention to quality when purchasing wooden doors. Advantageous brands are favored by investors and consumers. Wooden door enterprises should strengthen brand construction and continuously improve brand competitiveness through brand positioning, planning, expansion, and other aspects.

Customized wooden doors becoming a development trend

With the improvement of people's consumption concepts and the growth of the new generation of consumers, there is an increasing demand for personalized furniture, and customized wooden doors have developed rapidly as a result. The future profit growth of customized furniture will be fast, and the market prospects for customized wooden doors are very broad. While developing customized wooden doors, wooden door enterprises need to continuously innovate. The main reason why customized wooden doors can quickly attract the market is that personalized consumption demands are gradually becoming mainstream. Therefore, customized wooden doors must have creative and personalized designs, diverse product types, and personalized customization options. Only then can wooden door manufacturing enterprises achieve significant development. In addition, wooden door enterprises need to integrate batch production and customization, explore new production methods, and use large-scale production efficiency to customize products that meet the needs of different consumers, promoting further development of customized wooden doors.

Emphasizing environmental protection and developing low-carbon wooden doors

With the advent of the environmental protection era, countries around the world emphasize that products should have characteristics that are beneficial to human health and environmental protection. The environmental performance of wooden doors, including those supplied by China interior door manufacturers, is a major challenge and also a future direction and trend for the wooden door industry. Wooden door enterprises need to establish a green and environmentally friendly product concept, establish an environmental production system, develop a green industrial chain, reduce energy and resource consumption, reduce environmental pollution and carbon emissions, and meet consumers' requirements for wooden doors.


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