Why Are Indoor Screens Gradually Becoming Standard with Wholesale Digital Locks?

The indoor screen of smart locks is gradually becoming a popular feature in the wholesale digital lock market. This phenomenon is not accidental, as indoor screens play a significant role in enhancing safety and user convenience. This article will explore why indoor screens have become standard equipment for wholesale digital locks and analyze the advantages they bring in detail.

Indoor Screen + Camera:Wholesale Digital Lock lets users see more clearly

In recent years, wholesale digital lock video locks have become hot products in the industry. Data from Aowei Cloud Network (AVC) shows that in the first quarter of 2024, products with "peephole + large screen + facial recognition" features ranked first in sales, accounting for 17.6%. This fully demonstrates the importance of indoor screens in the smart lock market.

Traditional peepholes can only show a limited view through a small hole, with blurry images and poor light adaptation, especially in low light or at night, making it difficult to see the situation outside the door clearly. This limitation has driven people to seek more effective solutions.

To enhance the security at the doorway, electronic peepholes were introduced. Electronic peepholes consist of a camera and an indoor screen, with the camera capturing images and transmitting them to the indoor screen. Peephole video locks integrate door lock, doorbell, and monitoring into one, offering better cost performance. Compared to traditional optical peepholes, peephole video lock cameras mostly feature wide-angle or fisheye lenses, offering a broader view. They come with built-in infrared night vision functions to adapt to light changes.

Currently, most smart lock indoor screens are around 4 inches IPS color screens, with real colors, fast response times, and eco-friendliness. Users do not need to get close to view the outside situation like with traditional peepholes, providing a better viewing experience. These advantages make indoor screens a major selling point for wholesale digital locks.

Screen-equipped wholesale digital locks: Meeting the locking needs of special groups

The indoor screen not only enhances the functionality of the smart lock but also benefits special groups, such as the elderly, children, and people living alone.

Convenient for the elderly and children

The elderly and children are often unfamiliar with using smartphones and may not be able to check the situation outside the door remotely via phone. The indoor screen provides a simple and intuitive way to check, allowing them to easily understand the outside situation, improving daily convenience and safety.

Enhancing security for people living alone

People living alone can use indoor screens to check the situation outside the door when the doorbell rings or when there are unusual circumstances outside, avoiding the safety risks of opening the door rashly. The appearance of indoor screens for wholesale digital locks provides an additional layer of security, enhancing the safety of the living environment.

The emergence of smart lock indoor screens reflects industry trends and market demands. Although it increases the product cost, the convenience and safety brought by indoor screens cannot be ignored. From the development trends in recent years, the size, resolution, and materials of smart lock indoor screens are continuously improving. In the future, indoor screens will be able to adapt to more complex usage scenarios and demands, providing a better user experience.

As a standard feature of wholesale digital locks, the smart lock indoor screen not only improves product safety and convenience but also meets the needs of different user groups. Whether for the elderly, children, or people living alone, indoor screens provide a safer and more convenient user experience. With continuous technological advancements, the functions of smart lock indoor screens will be more refined, making them an indispensable part of smart home living.


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