Should Fireproof Doors Be Kept Open or Closed?

Friends who have contact with fireproof doors should have noticed that some fireproof doors are always open, which is very convenient for passage, while others are always closed and require manual pushing of heavy fireproof doors to open, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, some people use obstacles to prop up these types of fireproof doors for easy passage, which is actually a very dangerous behavior. So, should fireproof doors be kept open or closed, and how should fireproof doors be used correctly? Let's take a look together.

Whether fireproof doors should be kept open or closed depends on the type of fireproof door

Fireproof doors are divided into two types: normally open and normally closed. We can easily tell from their names that normally open means they are open on a daily basis and will be automatically closed when a fire is detected. Normally closed means they are closed on a daily basis and need to be manually pushed open if not locked, and can be closed automatically without resistance.

In addition to their open state, there are several differences between normally open and normally closed fireproof doors:


Normally open fireproof doors are composed of door leaves, door frames, door closers, release switches, etc. Normally closed fireproof doors also have sequencers in addition to the above.

Operation mode

Normally open fireproof doors like white fireproof doors are closed automatically by a smoke detector signal and come with an automatic alarm system that can automatically report the fire to the fire center. Normally closed fireproof doors have no electric control system and should be controlled mechanically by door closers and sequencers.


Normally open fireproof doors have a more complicated structure and are more expensive than normally closed fireproof doors.


Normally closed fireproof doors are closed on a daily basis and require manual pushing to use, which is inconvenient and can cause wear and tear over time, leading to safety hazards. Normally open fireproof doors are more convenient to use and provide better protection for the door body.

How to choose between normally open and normally closed fireproof doors?

Normally open fireproof doors are mainly used in crowded areas such as shopping mall evacuation staircases, frequently used locations in buildings, and in front of fire elevators, while other fireproof door scenarios all require normally closed fireproof doors.

How to use fireproof doors correctly?

  • Normally closed fireproof doors must be kept closed and cannot be propped open with obstacles;

  • There should be no obstacles within the opening and closing range of fireproof doors to avoid affecting their operation;

  • Regularly inspect the components of fireproof doors, including sealing strips. If they are damaged or come loose, contact the manufacturer for after-sales service as soon as possible;

  • Do not use hard objects to damage the fireproof door structure;

  • Regularly clean fireproof doors. The opening and closing state should be free of dirt and debris to avoid affecting door operation;

  • Normally closed fireproof doors should be opened and closed gently to avoid damaging the door closer.

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