Remember to Do This After the Wooden Door Installation

As a household product with a particularly high frequency of use at home, some details need our special attention in daily use, especially after installation, such as the use, maintenance and repair of wooden doors. Paying more attention on weekdays can not only avoid the damage of wooden doors, but also keep them shiny all the year round.

Choose high-quality wooden doors wholesale

On average, the doors are opened and closed about 12-15 times a day, at least 4-7 times a year, and about 3,500 times a year. The wooden door is a "high frequency" product, and the quality of the wooden door is the determinant of its service life. Due to different prices, there are also differences in materials of OEM door. In terms of service life, actually cheap wooden doors are not as good as high-grade solid wooden doors.

Specific operation of maintaining entrance wooden doors

1. In order to avoid sharp objects bump and scratch the wooden door, so don't hang heavy objects or on the door leaf. When opening or closing the door leaf, don't use too much force or the opening angle is too large to avoid damage.

2. Wipe the surface stains of wooden doors with soft cotton cloth. It is easy to scratch the surface with hard cloth. If the stains are too heavy, you can use neutral detergent, toothpaste or furniture cleaner, and dry them immediately after detergent.

3. If the wooden door produced by wooden door exporter is provided with glass, water should be prevented from infiltrating into the gap of the glass bead during maintenance, resulting in deformation of the bead. Don't use too much force when wiping the glass, so as to avoid glass breakage and injury.

4. If the dust on the wooden door should be cleaned in time, the vacuum cleaner can come in handy. In addition, in order to make the wooden door shiny as new, the wooden door should be regularly maintained with furniture maintenance liquid and maintenance wax.

5. Do not place rags containing neutral detergent and a large amount of water on the surface of wooden doors for a long time, which may cause aging, peeling and discoloration of wooden surfaces. High-temperature objects can't touch the wooden door close to prevent the deformation of the wooden door caused by high temperature.

6. When using wooden door products, we should try our best to keep the indoor air relative humidity between 60% and 75%. In spring and winter, we should pay attention to good indoor ventilation, keep the indoor humidity, and keep the wooden door at normal room temperature and humidity, so as to prevent the products from being deformed due to excessive wet temperature difference, corrosion and rust of metal fittings, and shedding of edge sealing and finishing materials.


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