Installation of Aluminum Pivot Entrance Door

Doors, as the entry to space, are also the key areas for the transition between spaces. In the past, designers have had many popular designs for doors such as invisible doors, folding doors, and full-height doors. However, today's article introduces designers to the latest design form of "doors" -----aluminum pivot entry doors. Currently, these doors are very popular abroad and are highly sought after!

What are aluminum pivot entry doors?

Aluminum pivot entry doors are doors that revolve around a vertical and fixed axis, allowing for flexible rotation. The hardware on the door can be perfectly concealed.

Unlike traditional doors, in addition to the hidden hardware, the biggest difference lies in the position of the pivot axis and the motion dynamics of the door leaf. In traditional doors, the axis is generally located on one side of the door opening, but in aluminum pivot entry doors, the axis is not close to the edge; it is some distance from the edge of the door opening.

The dynamic of the door leaf during opening or closing is the most impressive design feature of pivot doors. The movement state of traditional doors when opening and closing is relatively rigid and mechanical, whereas pivot doors, leveraging the pivot hinge system and top pivot together, rotate around a vertical axis, making the movement state and trajectory of the door leaf very gentle, elegant, and flexible during opening and closing.

In terms of functionality such as separating spaces, blocking noise, and protecting privacy, it is no different from a normal door. However, in terms of modern fashion creative design aesthetics, flexible and elegant movement, and form sense, it far surpasses conventional doors.

It can be used in any space and at any scale, with countless possibilities and uses for design creativity, creating different design variations, with extremely high adaptability and flexibility.

It can serve as the visual focal point in the space or as a segment for transitioning and connecting between spaces.

Aluminum pivot entry door installation method

The aluminum pivot entry door itself is crucial for its pivot hinge system. The pivot door mainly consists of five core components: door, top pivot, pivot system, ceiling, and floor.

The pivot hinge system needs to be mortise-fixed at both the top and bottom, and the position of these fixed points determines the position of the door's main rotating axis.

Install the bottom plate

Fix the pivot system's axis to the floor, which also determines the main axis position of the door. The bottom device needs to be fixed into the ground through 8mm screws, and glue should be applied at the bottom and in the holes of the device to ensure proper positioning and fixation.

Install the top plate

The top plate is usually made of stainless steel. Match the main axis of the top pivot with the bottom plate and fix it on the ceiling to ensure proper positioning and fixation of the door.

Install the door body and make appropriate adjustments

Install the main axis of the door into the corresponding grooves in the bottom and top plates. After installation, use screws in the bottom device to adjust the straightness of the main axis of the aluminum pivot entry door and fine-tune its movement state, as well as the positions and states of the seams or closures.



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