Indoor White Fireproof Doors Can Save Lives in Critical Moments

When choosing an interior door, what factors do you consider? Color, style, material, and sound insulation are common concerns, but fire resistance is often overlooked. However, interior fire doors can save lives at critical moments. Today, we'll explore why every household should consider installing interior white fireproof doors.

Is it necessary to install white fireproof doorsindoors?

Many people believe that fire doors are only suitable for warehouses and corridors where fires are more likely to occur, but in fact, fire doors are equally necessary indoors. When a fire occurs, fire doors can effectively prevent the spread of flames and smoke, giving household members precious time to escape.

Types and Advantages of Interior White Fireproof Doors

Fire doors are classified into three categories based on fire resistance performance: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Class A fire doors resist fire and heat for more than 1.5 hours, while Class B and Class C resist for more than1 hour and 0.5 hours, respectively. According to regulations, at least Class B fire doors should be chosen for interior use, to prevent the spread of fire and smoke for1 hour in the event of a fire.

Interior fire doors come in various materials, including steel, wood, and inorganic materials. Considering the overall home decoration style, white fireproof doors become the first choice for many families. Modern white fireproof doors not only have fireproof functions but also boast a stylish appearance, blending perfectly with various decor styles. For instance, SIMTO Door offers white fireproof doors in multiple colors and styles. Whether you prefer a modern minimalist or classic vintage look, you can find a suitable design.

Key Functions of Interior White Fireproof Doors

Carefully Selected Fire Insulating Materials

The core of a fire door lies in its materials and structure. Quality fire doors are typically made of steel, non-flammable wood, or inorganic non-combustible materials, with interiors filled with fire insulation materials. For example, some brands of white fireproof doors use fire retardant boards, magnesium oxide boards, and perlite. The outer layer of the fire retardant board can stop the fire spread temporarily while being moisture-proof and aging-resistant. The middle magnesium oxide board can isolate high temperatures and absorb noise, improving living comfort. The door leaf filled with perlite naturally has non-flammability, excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, and sound absorption properties.

Sophisticated Smoke Sealing Design

The lethality of fires lies not only in the flames but also in the accompanying thick smoke and carbon monoxide. Therefore, fire doors must have excellent smoke sealing effects. Interior fire doors usually use fireproof strips to seal the door gaps, preventing smoke from seeping in. Choosing fireproof strips with a high expansion coefficient and embedded installation can ensure better smoke isolation.

High-Quality Accessories

Every component of a fire door, including the door frame, frame, and hardware, must meet fire resistance and smoke isolation standards. The quality of these accessories directly affects the overall performance of the fire door, so special attention is needed during selection.

How to Choose Quality White Fireproof Doors?

When selecting white fireproof doors, consider the following points:

Choose a well-known brand

Big brands have better quality and after-sales service.

Focus on materials and structure

High-quality fire doors should not be too light or thin.

Ensure national fire inspection certification

Choose Class A or Class B products certified by national fire tests.

Consider appearance and additional functions

Such as sound insulation, so the fire doors can be functional even in everyday use.

We hope every household installs at least one white fireproof door to provide better protection for family members in case of emergencies. Of course, we all hope that every family never encounters a fire. But being prepared for the worst, choosing the right fire door, is the best guarantee for the safety of our loved ones.


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