How to Maintain Fireproof Doors?

Fireproof doors are important fire-fighting equipment, but they are often overlooked in daily life because they only play a crucial role in case of fire. As a result, many mistakes in the use of fireproof doors have arisen, such as normally closed fireproof doors being left open or the opening range of fireproof doors being used to store various items, which affects the normal opening of the fireproof door. Therefore, it is crucial to use fireproof doors correctly in daily life and not to neglect the cleaning and maintenance of fireproof doors. Today, let's learn about the methods of cleaning and maintaining fireproof doors.

Remove foreign objects from the surface of the fireproof door

Cleaning is a basic task that does not require much effort or time but is necessary. If the fireproof door is not cleaned, the stains on the surface will erode the door, and dirt will also affect the opening and closing of the fireproof door. When cleaning fireproof doors, use a cloth dipped in soapy water to gently wipe the surface of the door to remove dust, impurities, and rust.

Inspect the hardware components of the fireproof door

The hardware components of a fireproof entry door play an important role. Once damaged, they will directly affect the normal use of the door. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the hardware components of the fireproof door, including fire locks, door closers, fire hinges, fireproof door sequencers, and expanding fireproof sealing strips. Check whether any of the components are missing, loose, or malfunctioning. If any problems occur, return to the fireproof door manufacturer for replacement or repair in a timely manner.

Remove debris to keep the fireproof door opening and closing normally

Regularly check whether there is any debris around the fireproof door, especially acidic or alkaline substances, as they can cause irreversible damage to the door's components. Debris around the fireproof door can also affect the normal opening and closing of the door, so it is important to clean it regularly. In addition, post reminders near the door to prohibit placing debris.

Prohibit unauthorized disassembly of fireproof door components

Some users may remove the fireproof door closer for the sake of convenience in opening and closing the door. However, this is absolutely not allowed. Once a fire occurs, if the fireproof door cannot be closed, it loses its value. Therefore, in daily use, the door structure must not be disassembled randomly, and the integrity of the fireproof door must be maintained.

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