Exploring What Cast Aluminum Armored Doors Are

A new type of anti-theft door called cast aluminum armored door has been widely used in Europe, mostly in villas and high-end residential areas. The armored door is very strong with a strong steel structure in the middle of the door leaf that can be covered with a beautiful finish according to the style of the house. The biggest advantage of this type of door is that if one component of the safety system fails, it will not affect the overall security of the door. The door will remain sturdy and reliable for up to 20 years without deformation, sagging or shifting.

The various components of a regular front door, such as the lock, door leaf, and hinges, are put together temporarily, without forming an organic whole. If one component is damaged, it will affect the reliability of the entire door. For example, if an electronic smart lock is used, the door cannot be opened if the door leaf is slightly off. The armored door integrates the door frame, door leaf, lock, and hinges into a single security system, ensuring that the failure of a single component will not affect the overall security of the door. The door can remain sturdy and reliable for years to come, ensuring long-lasting safety.

The functions of the armored door are complete

Domestic doors only play a protective role, but with noise, dust, humidity and many other factors can not help, these factors bring inconvenience to the owner's life. And cast aluminum armored doors these functions are very perfect, can be all these problems will be shut out of the door.

Since the interior of the armored steel door is hollow, any necessary material can be filled in the middle, such as heat insulation material, fireproof material, or even radiation protection material, so that the door has multiple functions. It has been determined that adding this acoustic material to the door can reduce noise by 38 decibels. You don't have to worry about noise in the room anymore.

In addition, if the door is not sealed properly, it can lead to dust, insects and moisture invasion, which villa owners should be very aware of. The excellent sealing of armored doors can avoid these troubles completely and can provide good insulation.

The appearance of the armored door is versatile and personalized

Now we all pursue personalized decoration, emphasizing the coordination of the overall internal and external environment. Doors are irreplaceable, and the appearance has failed to meet the current owner's personalized decoration requirements. Cast aluminum armored door inside and outside the unique design of the door plate can be replaced at will, to the maximum extent to meet the personalized needs of designers and owners.

Armored door inside and outside the door plate effect is rich, color, material, style can be arbitrarily matched, you can choose the most suitable interior decoration style or the most favorite effect of the owner. Since you can change the door panel at any time, you can easily help enter the door "change clothes" as long as you want.

The armored door is suitable for engineering installation

There are two problems with the use of state doors in the project: First, the installation requirements are high, and once the installation is not in place, it cannot be adjusted again. Second, the temporary door panels available to replace the official door panels, so that the entry door into the site early to ensure the safety of the site property. When the renovation is completed, replace the official door plate can be, into the door quality, appearance is not damaged.

The uniqueness of the cast aluminum armored door solves both problems: installation errors can be overcome by adjusting the door frame and the door panel to ensure the accuracy of the installation. Installation is simple and easy, creating the conditions for a large number of installation works; temporary door panels can be used instead of formal ones so that the entrance door can enter the site as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the site property. After the renovation is completed, the door can be replaced with an official door panel and the quality and appearance of the door will not be damaged.

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