Choosing Doors for Apartment Decoration Requires Skills

In apartment renovations, the choice of doors is crucial.Inside Apartment Doors are not only the first sight tenants see when entering, but also directly affect the living comfort and the overall aesthetics of the decoration. Today, we will discuss in detail the techniques for choosing inside apartment doors from aspects such as material, opening method, size, and color, to help you make informed decisions during renovations instead of relying on whims.

How to select inside apartment doors based on materials?

When choosing inside apartment doors, material is an important consideration as different materials have their pros and cons.

Solid Wood Doors

Solid wood doors are favored for their natural beauty and texture, but they are relatively expensive. Since most of the wood on the market is fast-growing, solid wood doors are susceptible to deformation due to climate and humidity. Therefore, when living in areas with significant climate changes, choosing solid wood doors requires caution to avoid warping and deformation that may affect their lifespan.

Molded Doors

Molded doors are made by mechanically pressing two shaped door faces with fiberboard, usually with a hollow core, and a faux wood veneer on the surface. They are relatively inexpensive but have poorer environmental performance, higher formaldehyde emissions, unsatisfactory sound insulation, and poor tactile feel. Additionally, they have weak moisture resistance.

Steel-Wood Doors

Steel-wood doors consist of a wood frame and steel panels, with a wood grain veneer on the surface. Their advantages include resistance to deformation, but they are heavy, requiring high-quality hinges and door frames. If PVC film is used for the steel-wood door casing, there may be a risk of peeling over time. Additionally, the styles and colors of steel-wood doors are generally limited.

Inside Apartment Door Opening Methods

The entrance door of an apartment is generally designed to open inward to avoid affecting other tenants in the corridor when opening. However, if the landlord installs security doors for some rooms for safety reasons, they may need to open outward. Therefore, when choosing inside apartment doors, the opening method should be determined based on actual needs and the structure of the house.

Inside Apartment Door Size Selection

Generally speaking, the width of a single-leaf door in an apartment is 90 centimeters to 1 meter, and the width of double-leaf doors is 1.5 meters. This width design is more user-friendly, convenient, and meets the needs of most tenants. Of course, the specific size can also be appropriately adjusted according to the subdivision situation of the apartment.

Inside Apartment Door Color Selection

When choosing the color of inside apartment doors, the overall tone of the room environment should be considered. If the room environment has warm tones, you can choose warmer wood doors such as cherry wood, teak, and sapele; if the room environment has cool tones, you can choose lighter wood doors such as white mixed oil and birch.

The color of the wood door should be close to the color of the furniture, as much as possible consistent with the window sills and door trims, and form a certain contrast with the wall color. For example, white mixed oil wood doors paired with walls painted with color can enhance the room's layering and freshness. The coordination between floor color and wood door should maintain consistency in cool and warm tones but should not be completely identical to avoid confusion between the floor and walls, weakening the sense of space.

For larger rooms or rooms with good sunlight, you can choose darker walnut wood doors to create a stable atmosphere. If you are unsure, you can choose white wood doors, which is the safest color match.

With the above detailed analysis of material, opening method, size, and color, we hope to help you choose inside apartment doors more scientifically and reasonably during renovations, providing tenants with a better living experience.


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