Bluetooth Smart Digital Door Lock Emergency Unlock Function

In recent years, the adoption rate of smart locks has increased rapidly, and more and more people are choosing this convenient security device. However, discussions about the emergency unlocking function of smart locks have never ceased. Today, we will delve into the emergency unlocking function of the Bluetooth Smart Digital Door Lock and address everyone's concerns.

Bluetooth Smart Digital Door Lock and Why Its Emergency Unlocking Function is Important

The advent of smart locks has greatly facilitated our lives, eliminating the need to carry keys with us. However, many consumers still have concerns about the emergency unlocking function. For example, during a chat with friends, I found that users of different age groups have different understandings and demands for smart locks. Users born in the ‘60s worry about the safety of spare keys, while users from the ‘80s enjoy the convenience brought by smart locks.

Most smart locks on the market, including the Bluetooth Smart Digital Door Lock, are equipped with a spare key. This is an emergency unlocking method required by the Ministry of Public Security. The “General Technical Conditions for Fingerprint Anti-theft Locks” (GA701-2007) clearly stipulates that smart locks must have an emergency unlocking function, and the mechanical lock cylinder must meet the corresponding safety standards.

The design of the spare key is very concealed and is not the primary unlocking method, only used in case of circuit failures or emergencies like fires. At the same time, the lock core level of high-quality smart locks generally reaches C level, with a technical unlocking prevention time exceeding 270 minutes, far exceeding the psychological expectation of thieves, so there is no need to worry excessively about security issues.

Many users are worried that if the key is kept at home, they won't be able to open the door in case of an electronic system failure. In reality, smart lock installers usually recommend keeping the spare key in places such as the car, parent's house, or office—places not frequently accessed, rather than at home. This measure can effectively avoid awkward situations caused by electronic system failures.

Bluetooth Smart Digital Door Lock with Dual Circuit Drive

In addition to the mechanical key, the Bluetooth Smart Digital Door Lock also provides another emergency unlocking method — dual circuit drive. The dual circuit drive can be divided into dual system and dual power emergency unlocking schemes. The former adopts independent systems where the fingerprint, password, and swipe card modules do not interfere with each other; the latter adopts dual circuits, where if one power supply fails, the backup circuit automatically starts.

With the dual system design of a smart lock, even if one system fails, the user can still unlock with the other system. This design further enhances the reliability of the smart lock, reducing the risk of being unable to open the door due to electronic system failures.

The dual power design ensures the normal operation of the smart lock through two independent power systems. If one power source fails, the other backup power will immediately activate to ensure continuous power supply to the smart lock. This design is not only suitable for ordinary families but also for places with extremely high-security requirements.

The Long-Term Value of the Emergency Unlocking Function of the Bluetooth Smart Digital Door Lock

The spare key and dual circuit drive not only provide security in sudden situations but also extend the service life of the smart lock. As electronic products, smart locks have limited warranty periods and lifespans. When the smart lock is beyond the warranty period or its lifespan expires, the value of the spare key and dual system design becomes apparent.

Even if the electronic part of the smart lock fails, users can still use the spare key to unlock the door. This means that the smart lock can continue to be used even after the electronic part fails, greatly extending the service life of the lock and saving the cost of replacing the lock.

Smart lock dealers should convey the importance of the emergency unlocking function to consumers, helping them realize the safety and convenience brought by the spare key and dual circuit drive. Consumers should accept these emergency measures rather than having doubts about them.


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