Applications of Aluminum Pivot Doors in Space

Aluminum Pivot Door, due to its unique form and sense of style, as well as its elegant and flexible movement trajectory, is destined to play an extraordinary role in a space.Aluminum Pivot Door primarily serves the following purposes in a space.

Aluminum Pivot Door as a Partition Wall

Aluminum Pivot Door, when used as a partition wall, mainly serves two functions: blocking and functional zoning.

Blocking Function

In some large open spaces, such as large flats or open-plan living areas, the living room, dining room, and kitchen are often located together.

If you want to retain the advantage of a spacious, well-lit area while also blocking oil fumes and ensuring a certain level of privacy,Aluminum Pivot Door can easily meet these needs.

It can effectively block oil fumes and provide good insulation. If the pivot door is made of glass, it can also maintain the original lighting. Additionally, occupants can control the opening and closing of the pivot door or adjust the door panel's rotation as needed, offering flexibility and convenience.

Functional Zoning

Aluminum Pivot Door, when used similarly to a partition, can clearly demarcate functional areas within a space, yet the divided areas will not be entirely isolated from each other.

By transitioning through theAluminum Pivot Door, the relationship between spaces becomes more dynamic. Coupled with the door’s rotating movement, it creates a lively and interesting spatial atmosphere.

Creating a Sense of Form

When the door is opened and closed, it creates two distinctly different spatial atmospheres and a sense of form. In the open state, the two spaces are connected and expansive, and theAluminum Pivot Door itself becomes an artistic fragment and a visual focal point in the space.

In the closed state, theAluminum Pivot Door blends with the wall, protecting the privacy and functionality of the two spaces.

Aluminum Pivot Door as an Invisible Door

Conventional doors include components like door frames, door jambs, handles, and hardware, which makes it obvious that there is a door. However,Aluminum Pivot Door can blend seamlessly with the wall, similar to an invisible door.

Without a door frame or jambs, the pivot hinge system of theAluminum Pivot Door can be embedded within the door, avoiding any protruding hardware. Unlike an invisible door,Aluminum Pivot Door can extend from floor to ceiling, offering stronger cohesion.

It can even be made in the form of a bookshelf, resembling a hidden door. To be honest, this format can easily spark imagination, as one might wonder what unconventional or extraordinary functions lie behind the door.

Aluminum Pivot Door as an Entrance Door

Aluminum Pivot Door can serve as the entrance door for buildings or standalone villas, providing an excellent sense of form and a grand aesthetic effect. However, the drawback is that it is not very common; suitable pivot hinge systems for entrance doors are extremely rare in the market.


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