6-Panel Fire-Rated Wood Door: The Guardian of High-Rise Building Safety

With the modernisation of high-rise buildings, fire safety has been given a very high priority. 6-panel fire-rated wood doors are a key safety element in high-rise buildings, thanks to their excellent fire performance and environmental sustainability. In this article, we take a closer look at the practical role of such doors in a fire and analyse their indispensable position in evacuation and fire separation.

6-panel fire-rated wood doors: a key role in a fire

In the emergency of high-rise building fire, 6-panel fire-rated wood doors are like a firm guardian. When the fire is raging, it can quickly and effectively prevent the spread of flames, and firmly control the fire source within a certain range, thus ensuring the safety of residents' lives. In addition, the 6-panel fire-rated wood door effectively isolates harmful smoke, providing a clear path for evacuation and significantly reducing the risk of asphyxiation and poisoning due to smoke.

The right hand during evacuation

The 6-panel fire-rated wood door plays a vital role in fire evacuation. 6-panel fire-rated wood door acts as a solid line of defence, isolating the source of fire and smoke in a specific area and opening up a safe evacuation route for residents. Its excellent fire-resistant performance enables it to remain stable for a long period of time even in the event of a fierce fire, ensuring the continued safety of the evacuation route. At the same time, the 6-panel fire-rated wood door's switch design is simple and convenient, making it easy for residents to pass through quickly in emergencies and greatly improving evacuation efficiency. What's more, the 6-panel fire-rated wood door is easy to push open to escape when a fire comes, unlike the hard metal door, which heats up very quickly in a fire and is very hot, making it difficult to push open.

A powerful barrier in fire separation

In addition to play a role in the evacuation, 6-panel fire-rated wood doors also play an important role in fire separation. In high-rise buildings, through the reasonable setting of 6-panel fire-rated wood doors and other fire prevention facilities, the building can be divided into a number of independent fire areas. When a fire occurs, these areas can effectively isolate the fire and prevent it from spreading to other areas, thus reducing the extent of fire damage to the entire building. At the same time, the 6-panel fire-rated wood door can also effectively prevent the spread of smoke, providing favourable conditions for firefighters' fire-fighting and rescue work.

SIMTO's 6-panel fire-rated wood doors are FD120 certified, providing up to 2 hours of fire protection for your property. If you require this level of certification, these steel doors are also available in FD30 and FD60 ratings. These steel fire doors also have a multi-point locking system so you can protect your property. In accordance with fire regulations, these doors are fitted with pre-installed door closers on either the push or pull side.


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